Botswana received its independence from Great Britain in 1966 and since that time a multi-party democratic system has operated successfully. Botswana has enjoyed continuous peace and economic stability since independence and has carefully avoided conflicts that have occurred in neighbouring countries.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Public Institutions Survey 2006 that rated Botswana as the number one country in Africa in terms of Public Governance. In the 2005 Transparency International Corruptions Perception Index Botswana ranks as one of the least corrupt countries in the world (32 out of 159), and by far and away the least corrupt country in Africa.

The Government has established an excellent infrastructure of sealed roads, grid power and piped water throughout the country. Education and health are also priorities for Government spending. Altogether, Botswana provides a very favourable environment in which to operate and to plan for a possible mine development.

Other Players
Importantly Botswana has also recognised the need to continue diversification in the mining industry away from diamonds, and actively encourages explorers to seek out other opportunities.

A number of listed Australian and International Companies have taken advantage of the Investment friendly environment in Botswana to establish operations there. These include BHP Ltd, Rio Tinto Ltd, Debeers, Albidon Ltd, Mt Burgess Ltd., African Energy Resources Ltd, African Copper PLC, IAMGOLD Corporation and Discovery Nickel Ltd.

BML Highlights

- 3500km2 of highly prospective ground (1000 km2 under application)

- Part of a major metalliferous belt, containing two world class Ni deposits, gold, diamond and copper deposits within 100km.

- Walk up targets prepped and ready to drill based onprevious work including drilling geo chemistry and geophysics.

- Experienced staff on the ground with excellent logistical support.

- Excellent infrastructure of Botswana coupled with an investment friendly government and regulations.

Botswana Metals Limited Snapshot

Botswana Metals has been formed to capitalise on the base and precious metal opportunities represented in A-Cap Resources Limited’s tenement portfolio.

As a result, the Company has a significant holding of relatively advanced projects in Botswana, as well as the experience and network of contacts to rapidly progress into a potentially profitable, sustainable company.

“A-Cap Resources Limited was originally born as an exploration company focused on copper and nickel,” “However, after identifying some Uranium prospectivity at the western end of its tenement package and seeing the response it had from its shareholders, the Company was remodeled with a primary focus on Uranium. As a result, A-Cap decided to proceed with a de-merger of its nickel assets to form Botswana Metals Limited (BML).”

The effect of the re-arrangement of assets in A-Cap is to leave A-Cap as a company with its main focus directed to Uranium exploration in Botswana and Botswana Metals as a company with its sole focus on exploration for base and precious metals including nickel, copper, platinum group metals, gold and diamonds also in Botswana.

Botswana Metals’ current licenses are situated in North Eastern Botswana. The Company has control of approximately 2,800 sq km of exploration tenements prospective for major Ni-Cu deposits situated directly between the major Ni producing mines of Selebi Phikwe to the South and Tati Nickel to the north.

“We believe that this is an ideal location to be in,” “The tenements cover two important geological domains each of which hosts major Ni-Cu deposits.”

To the north the tenements are situated on the southwest edge of the Zimbabwe Craton, an Archean age granite greenstone terrain, that hosts the well known Tati Nickel deposits which were actively being mined by LionOre (recently taken over by Norilsk Nickel).

The southern tenements cover the Limpopo Mobile belt which is the deformation zone related to the collision and amalgamation of the Zimbabwe and Kaapvall Cratons during the Palaeoproterozic approximately 2 billion years ago. This area hosts the well known Selebi Phikwe Ni deposits operated by BCL, which have been in operation since the 1970s. The Limpopo Mobile belt is therefore a major zone of deformation related to large scale plate tectonic movements including collision, subduction, mountain building, and magmatism all of which are crucial elements of the cycle of ore deposit creation.

“Our initial focus will be on six high priority targets that have been defined by a GEOTEM survey of the area (GEOTEM is a geophysical method of identifying electrical conductors beneath the Earth’s surface),” “We will also focus on our Maibele North Project that has known Ni-Cu mineralization.”

These are not grass roots projects. The background work has been completed to advance them to the drill phase. The Company anticipates that it will commence the drilling of its six high priority targets in the upcoming weeks.

“We are targeting sulphide nickel deposits in a world class nickel area,” “We have 35,000 meters worth of drilling planned and have everything prepared so that once the rig is available we can begin.”

The Company’s base of operations is in Francistown, which is the second largest city in Botswana and is home to the bulk of the mining and exploration industry in Botswana with the exception of the diamond mining.

“We believe that this is an exciting place to be at the moment, as there is currently a major boom in the area,” “Botswana has a fantastic regulatory environment and social acceptance of mining. Furthermore, the government is very supportive of the mining industry.”

Another key attribute that will significantly aid Botswana Metals’ development, is its strong board and management team that have a substantial amount of experience. Currently, the Company has a staff of around 4 local geologists including its exploration manager who has had 15 years experience in the geology of the major Botswana Ni deposits.

“We are very excited by the outlook for Botswana Metals. We have some fantastic ground that has been relatively underexplored especially when you compare the similarities it has to nickel projects in Western Australia. We have advanced our projects to the stage of drilling so that we can aggressively pursue the opportunities they represent and potentially generate wealth for our shareholders in a timely fashion.”

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